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Explore Best of North East India Tour With a Visit to Assam

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North East India Tours

Rich with cultural buoyancy, natural splendour and charming with simple ways of life-the eastern part of India is simply adorable. The North East India Tours are one exhilarating ride taking you to the lap of Mother Nature. It has a rejuvenating quality that soothes the skin, relaxes muscles and refreshes the soul. The birds singing, refreshing winds blowing, verdant vistas echoing folklores and the hazy blue open sky appears to be meeting the earth at horizon,

North East India Tours

Assam represents angelic beauty on Earth and thus should not be missed on one’s tour to East India. Assam is located south of eastern Himalayas and comprises of one of the largest rivers of Asia- River Brahmaputra. The highly fertile region of Brahmaputra valley is home to incredible vistas and dense protected areas for wildlife providing ample opportunities of sightseeing for globetrotters.

North East India Tours

Travellers opting for a north east India tour package must visit this gorgeous land rightly called a gateway to North East India. Explore the region with a detailed tour encompassing all the shades of Assam. Some of the highlights that one should not miss while touring Assam are:

Tea gardens:
North East India Tours

The gorgeously manicured tea estates of Assam are virtually flat and produce tea which is named “black tea”. One of the most prolific tea producing regions in the world, Assam produces tea which is well known for its body, malty flavour, bright colour and briskness. A visit to tea gardens is thus a must here, one can see the entire process of preparation of tea. Starting from picking the fresh leaves of tea to its processing in the factories your East India tour packages provide you an opportunity to see it all and in the end buy original products right from where it all began.

North East India Tour

Kaziranga National Park:

Situated both sides of River Brahmaputra, Kaziranga National Park is the site comprising world’s two-third population of Great One- horned Rhinoceroses. Kaziranga has done an exceptional work in preserving the wild creatures and boasts of housing highest density of tigers amongst wildlife sanctuaries in the world. Designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO the park is beautiful with thick green foliage and is home to large breeding populations of elephants, water buffalo, swamp deer and other wild creatures.
North East India Tours

Kamakhya temple:

A shakti (consecrated to Goddess Durga) temple, Kamakhya temple is situated on Nilchal Hill in Assam. Out of a complex of temples devoted to different forms of the Goddess, Kamakhya temple is the main and is an important pilgrimage site of Hindus. The temple showcases medieval temple architecture with beehive like shikhara and beauteous carved images of Hindu gods and goddesses. The temple is one of the holiest shrines of Hindus and thus should not be missed on north east India tours.
North East India Tours

Bihu dance:

Visiting the region during the festival of Bihu one should not miss the incredible dance and music performances here. Bihu dance is a folk form of dancing performed by young men and women decked in colourful Assamese attire. Ranging from the life of a farmer, historic events and even satirical comments on today’s socio-political scene of Assam- the lyrics of Bihu songs depict life at Assam in the truest of sense thus is a must on all north east India tour packages.

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