New Year Holidays

New Year holidays are the best time of year to go somewhere and Pack your bags this January for a New Year Holiday. Tour Services India offering information on New Year Holiday. Taking a break these days is not a quandary with all the holiday resorts and destinations everywhere in India.
New Year Holidays

The time for celebrations, late nights in neon lit chambers, grooving on electrifying beats and making resolutions is approaching and the only thing one wants to do is PARTY!!! To kick-start a new year, people love to hit the best party

New Year Holidays

scenes and India too is geared up to flaunt its glam and glitz.  The latest buzz is that the metro cities as always will be throwing some of the best parties this season too. You can choose your new year holidays packages to have fun at some swanky club or have a blast

New Year Holidays

at rave party or even to go beach partying till dawn.  Your parent’s might not allow, you might be having a hard time coping with your break-up, or you may be having exam the next morning a bash during your new year holidays is something every one deserves. So don’t wait any longer and go grab those tickets before

New Year Holidays

they are all sold off.  Before you do so have a look at some of the most happening destinations to go wild this New Year’s Eve:

Go Goa:  Whenever there is a talk about best party places in India there is Goa in everyone’s mind.  It

New Year Holidays

is the sheer Goan spirit of fun, buoyancy and friendliness that makes town’s parties so lively, colourful and energetic.  Full of life, the party scene at Goa is marked with excellent music, crazy dance moves, delectable sea food and whooping

New Year Holidays

amount of fine drinks. The heavenly beaches as the perfect backdrop, company of happy go lucky people, soothing weather with sea breeze caressing your skin and right mood set by fabulous music, partying experience in Goa will sweep you off your feet.

New Year Holidays

Electrifying Metro Cities:  The metro cities too offer a gala night affair at their clubs, discotheques, bars and various other venues.  The metropolis best described as the ‘City that Never Sleeps”, Mumbai is packed with hip and happening party places its

New Year Holidays

discotheques will be jammed with people on the night of 31st December.  

Delhi will be singing and dancing at its numerous clubs, bars and discotheques. These party venues call professional musicians and Djs to add to compliment the ambiance with enlivening music.  
New Year Holidays

The king of nightlife, Bangalore is famed for its fabulous music, its crazy crowd and classic collection of spirits and wines.  As you pick Bangalore for your New Year holidays you will only find yourself in the middle of a crowd of hotshots of business world, celebs and young college buddies.  

New Year Holidays

Fill the beginning of a new year with a spark, let yourself loose or go absolutely crazy to bid farewell to the year that passed by. A sensational night full of fun, music, food and drinks awaits you as you book your New Year holiday packages in any of these destinations in India. HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!!!

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